SEO Interviews, Online Mentions, Podcasts, and Articles

Selection of Interviews/speaking engagements/quotes/author profiles:

Suds & Search Interview – Covering a broad range of topics from entities to fractional work, it’s a great listen while we sup our preferred beverages and geek out!

The Unscripted SEO Interview with Mark A Preston – Unedited and raw, Mark asks some interesting questions I answer honestly and with only minor stumbles to think!

Interview with Milosz Krasinski

The Key to Effortless Expectation Setting – Interview with Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal (Note: We went way off topic and I think it ended up better!)

CNBC interview 2012 on h(SEO) framework I developed at The Search Agency

“Search no longer just happens within the engine walls, and marketers need to keep up with the shift, or they’ll miss the chance to engage with a large portion of their audience. It’s crucial that we fully understand search intent to drive content development and deployment that will keep audiences engaged and informed, regardless of where they look for information on the web.” Old Blog Profile

Real Estate SEO Webinar with SEMRush. I talk about the importance of Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (EAT) in Real Estate.

VCBuzz Internal Linking Webinar

Interview with Lori Ruff as Preview to SES 2013 on Webmaster Radio (starts @ 11m:30s)

Search Engine Journal Author Bio

Search Engine Journal

Bill Hartzer Podcast

Brighton SEO (The Batman SEO Toolbelt) – Audio

While I listened to Grant Simmons’ Batman-themed SEO tools lecture it struck me that this industry was not filled with experts who go to work just to pay the bills, no. This was a collective of passionate, highly creative artists who poured their hearts and souls into what they do. This isn’t a job for them, it’s not even a career; it’s life. And I couldn’t feel more at home.

It’s safe to say Grant Simmon’s talk inspired me the most. In case you don’t know, he is the VP of with a career spanning more than 15 years in digital. He has held a number of senior positions at a number of reputable brands and is seen as a thought leader in the industry.

His seminar, The Batman SEO toolbelt to vanquish Google’s SERP, certainly lived up to expectations. Gliding side to side on the stage and bursting with energy, he discussed the various tools that would make life easier. Be it web scraping tools through various CRM tools, it was all very helpful!

Conductor Blog “Search, Social, So What?”

“It’s not hard to measure social’s effect – but it’s easy to underestimate its value.”

“Key to a successful search / social integration comes down to accessibility of data, frequency of communications and (mutually understood) shared goals.”

How Content Marketing is Changing – Search Engine Journal
“…the ability to know who my prospects most probably are, where they visit on the web and what kind of content they’re consuming, and it’s much easier to connect, converse and influence the consumer, because – if you know what they desire – you know them that much better!”

Content is King. Authority Content is Kingier
State of Digital article covering SMX London 2013

Crunchbase Listing

Search Engine Watch Author Bio

SEO Mastery Summit 2021

Talk About Digital

“Although we all (in SEO) strive for the perfect release of SEO improvements in a timely, scheduled (and time-sensitive) manner, we often face decisions requiring prioritization, justification, compromise, and communication skills to most efficiently optimize our client sites while navigating the minefield that is strewn with the politics, budget challenges and priorities of the business. (in-house folks can appreciate this as well!) Planning and setting expectations is key.”