Ten Timely Tips for Terrific Title Tags (first published in Search Engine Watch on June 6th, 2014) Much may have changed through the years in SEO, however the importance of the title tag can’t be overstressed. Here’s how to create title tags that state who you are, what you do, why anyone should bother to […]

For my 2019 gag, I thought a little coup des mot on the “World’s Oldest Profession” might be fun.     New Discovery Suggests Real Estate Is Actually The ‘New’ World’s Oldest Profession 2 MIN READ APRIL 1, 2019 Ancient Cave Paintings Shed Light on Early Real Estate Last month a team of archeologists in Peru, […]

This was an epic 2014 holiday post driven by hunger and some childhood memories. As a recent trip to Japan underscored, I much prefer to buy them pre-cooked. (they have chestnuts in lots of food!) Although it was tough to know what food it was in (see video at the end of this article!)   […]

For my 2017 gag – driven by the idiocy that was our competitors at the time “homes.com is a silly name” – I decided a rebrand was in order     Out With The Old, In With The New: Announcing trulowtor.com 3 MIN READ APRIL 1, 2016     Dear Readers, We are excited to announce […]